A Badass Morning Routine You Need to Adopt Now

Ever noticed how all superhero movies have at least one action sequence at night? Most of them follow a live-a-normal-life in the day, fight-crime-at-night routine. 

If you strip off all the superhero-ness, these men and women would probably fall flat on their faces in no time with a routine like that!

It has been scientifically proven that a good night’s sleep can do wonders for almost anybody, and a lot of emphasis has been given to it. It’s pretty simple really: sleep early so you can wake up early and finish your routine before starting your day. 

It goes without saying that starting any work in the day that began with a good morning routine can exponentially multiply your alertness, thinking and energy for the rest of the day!

As much as we want to steer away from the cliché “early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise!”, the truth is, if we came with a manual of how to work, the recharge criteria would say the same. So what’s all the hype about being an early riser?

Here’s a check-list that some of us Sexy Beast follow to kick-start our day.


Set a short term goal and tell yourself that for the next one week (at least!) I will wake up early and exercise. 

It does not mean you need an expensive gym membership – go for a walk, put on some music and dance, follow a YouTube Zumba session, or download a fitness app. 

There are a lot of options available to you today. But very soon you will begin to see that you feel fresher, more energetic, and…well, happier, through the rest of the day.


Most people who do it know that they cannot live without it, and most people who don’t do it, only don’t do it because they haven’t tried it. 

Meditation is nothing but taking some time out to focus on yourself and your existence. There is so much power in just sitting down with shut eyes and listening to some calming music focusing on nothing but your breath in that time. 

Even if only for ten minutes, try this out after exercising and see how your mind draws strength from your physical being and prepares you to face the day.

Take a (cold) Shower

Let’s face it, this one is obvious. Although we do know of a lot of people who do not really take a shower every single day, if you have exercised in the morning, you know that you’re going to do this anyway! 

If you are however looking at a really badass routine, you could also try taking a cold shower. These are refreshing but also improves our immunity. 

After all the efforts you have put into making your morning a productive one this would calm you down and prepare you for your day.

Read Something 

Was school the last time you laid your hands on a book? Well try it out again. Ok fine! We get it – you are not a reading person. And that is fine too. 

The idea is to learn something new. We, as human beings, have been explorers since we were born. Our minds are curious and that is why as kids we have so many questions. 

Get in touch with that inner child again and expose yourself to something new at the start of the day – listen to a podcast, watch an interesting YouTube video, experiment with a hobby for a while. 

Do something new every day and see how your view of life changes for the better.

Do NOT Skip Breakfast

Yes, you need to start your day and are in a rush! Yes, you don’t have the time. Yes, you may not have been having a proper breakfast until now. But no, you cannot continue like this. 

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – that is because it is the time your body is most active. 

It has just had its dose of rest, has been stimulated physically and mentally (steps 1 to 4) and now is ready to be fueled again. 

Think of it as the boosters that you put in your cars or bikes. The extra push from the right breakfast can be the game-changer for your lifestyle in the long run. 

We do understand that these are things you may have heard time and time again. But this time, really give it a try for yourself and see. Better still, start the day wearing one of our bright and funky shorts like our Sexy Beast Donut boxer short ;)

The first few days seem difficult, no doubt. But very soon, you will begin to see a new version of yourself with this badass morning routine.

Are there any other things you have tried that have worked for you? If yes, please share them with us in the comments below.

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